Microphotographic images produced for Stanhope souvenir novelties can be found in a variety of styles, shapes and subjects. The most popular were topographical views, and these were available for most late nineteenth century tourist attractions, historical cities, spa towns and religious shrines in the United Kingdom, France and other European countries, North America, the Middle East and even Australia.
Many microphotographs of royalty were produced, especially of Queen Victoria and her family. Pictures of the French Imperial Family were not issued on Stanhopes after 1870. The last royal commemorative Stanhopes were made in 1953, for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
Stanhope images of national and international trade fairs exist from the 1862 London International Exhibition to the 1939 New York World's Fair. They are prized by Stanhope collectors for the historical value of their dates, but are also sought by those who specialise in "world fair" collectables.
The Stanhope image is only the size of a pinhead. To be able to read captions and distinguish individual details, which are only minute fractions of this small area, demonstrates great skill by the original 19th century photographer. Likewise any successful enlargement of images in Stanhope objects whether via a microscope, by other optical means or by digital photography should be applauded.
For more amazing enlargements of microphotographs, see "Stanhopes: A Closer View" by Jean Scott.

Stanhopes: A Closer View by Jean Scott

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